About Us - ND-Links Electro-Mechanical Engineering Services

ND-Links Electro-Mechanical Engineering Services was registered as a business name with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria on 7th day of April, 2008 to combat Electrical /Mechanical issues arising in water well exploration in Nigeria like

  1. Geophysical Investigation
  2. Pump and riser pipe fishing
  3. Construction and repairs of control panels
  4. Borehole drilling
  5. Construction of water level indicator (deep meter) sound & video type
  6. Construction of indigenous borehole cameras for Borehole investigation.
  7. Construction and installation of water treatment plants.
  8. Construction of fishing tool for dropped pumps and riser pipes in water boreholes.
  9. Construction of DTH Hammer Rigs & Head stock

Borehole Camera

This equipment was born out of necessity when the challenges of fishing dropped pumps and riser pipes in water borehole were by gazing. In the year 2005 2008, ND-Links went into research on how to combat problems in borehole at a particular site in Enugu that no man could explain what really happened in that borehole until the camera initiative was finally born. The birth of this borehole camera gave ND-Links Electromechanical Engineering Services an edge over other Borehole service providers in Enugu and other neighbouring states in Nigeria. With the help of this borehole camera, we are able to investigate and obtain correct data of any type of borehole in U PVC or Steel casing such as

  • Abortive
  • Productive
  • Under depth
  • Limited or unlimited water columns
  • Static Water level
  • Drop nature/position of pipe/pump
  • Obstructions on open borehole
  • Broken coupling joints
  • Screen condition of boreholes
  • Reduction pressure gauge of casing pipes in borehole without the client knowledge
  • Dropped objects like marine ropes, uPVC pipes, pumps, cable etc in water boreholes.


These services are what ND-Links renders to private, corporate companies and government that need our services. We are proud that we offer our best services to rescue assumed-failed boreholes with our modern equipment like Borehole Camera. Go to our services page now to learn more