WATER : water is an essential commodity that is very useful in our life as long as we live, but the commodity today can not come as easy as of those days when we use to have streams and spring water in our local communities and even if we still have them they may have been polluted making it impossible for us to have good and quality safe water to drink.
Based on this very issue of development in our environment we now result to drilling of boreholes in our homes, schools, churches and community without conducting geophysical survey of our environment to know the actual depth and sand layer formation that we have before drilling our borehole.
GEOPHYSICS : Geophysical survey is a pre drilling investigation that must be done by a good geologist before the actual drilling progresses , this is very necessary because through it we shall be able to know the pure knowledge of the depth, the types of soil layers or formations we may encounter while drilling, based on the soil sample that shall come out during drilling which must be kept by the driller, the geologist after drilling the borehole to depth, can through the samples advice were the screen placement should be and the area that should be blind.
GEOPHYSICAL LOGGING : Geophysical logging is a test or exercise that must be conducted after drilling your borehole to determine a suitable soil formation to place the screens, to avoid certain contamination and improper yielding of the borehole.
CASING PIPE INSTALLATION : Installation of casing pipe in any pilot hole is very important as any mistake can lead to the borehole not being productive, these casing pipes can be API steel pipes or U PVC pipes depending on the purpose of which the borehole will serve, so in our design the client must state his mind on what to use the water for, whether private or commercial it is very important,
Choosing your casing pipe is very important this days that U PVC are use as casing pipes, the following must be considered and strictly done .
1. The expected yield of the pump to meet demand of the consumer is important as this will determine the size of the casing pipes that will be install.
2.The depth of the borehole is also important as these will only be predetermine during geophysical investigation.
3.The pressure bar of the casing is most important of it all when using UPVC pipes for installation as this will affect the borehole when low pressure bar U PVC casing pipe are use for instance a 10 bar pipes used for 200 m ( 656.1 ft ) depth , the borehole must surely separate and break up as the pressure of the pipes may not withstand earth movement that may occur without your notice.
4.GRAVEL PACKING: Gravel packing of boreholes are very important to a successful borehole as many do not take it serious and thereby choosing any material like chipping in place of river white gravel to gravel pack borehole, this is a bad practice as it imposes danger to the pipes because of the size of the chipping use. Some time they only gravel pack the screen area ,leaving the other entire areas open without gravel or drilling cuttings from pilot hole, in which the pipes may not be straight because nothing is holding it firm as water flows, the pressure from the earth movement  the pipes, therefore it is important that we properly gravel pack our boreholes and do our grunting may be 10 to 8 meter to put off those surface water that may contaminate our borehole before cement base with iron cover to envelope the PVC pipe.

Enagic kangen water machine
PUMP INSTALLATION: Installation of pump is the only means of determining if the bore hole is productive or not, but the way pump installation is done this days imposes fear and threat to our finished boreholes as some people do install pumps with U PVC pipes and marine ropes which is elastic in nature no matter the size.
Please using U PVC pipes to install pump to a depth of 200 m and above is wrong, the pump is not seating but suspended with the help of the pipe and the so call marine rope, it may sound cheap at first but will damage the borehole any time there is need for servicing the borehole, so please don't fall into this cheap blackmail where they will say steel pipes will make the water to contain ion, for goodness sake any borehole water that does not contain ion as part of its mineral is not water, they will impose this threat in you in other to avoid using tripod or crane to install pump but will like to pull out the pump with the equipment they refused to use at first when it is time for servicing .
If you client insist of using U PVC for your pump installation ,please just start that day to save money for another borehole for these two things out of many must happen
1. The pipes may separate from socket end
2.The so call marine rope may cut or get hooked
3. No matter the size of any borehole as you are installing or pulling you must turn the riser pipes
These are what to do to limit excessive ion content of the borehole except the soil formation contains a lot of ion deposits.
1.Back wash the borehole very well as soon as the casing pipes are successfully installed.
2.Air lift the bore hole with compressor to make the water clear and light for pump to pump the water.
3.Make sure that 1 and 2 are done properly for the borehole was drill with one of the chemicals call bentonite and these chemical when it is not properly remove will tend to emit  it's property into the water.
4.Choose you steel pipe , it is very important to know that we have API pipes ( Oil pipe) and Mild steel pipes ( Black or Dubai pipes), these two pipes are not the same as API pipes does not rust easily when submerged in water but black pipe or Dubai pipes do rust.
4.You can use original galvanized pipes with the ends welded to an API pin and socket threads
5.If you must install with U PVC  pipes look for coated sling or steel wire to do that, the coated steel wires use for tubing or flat hoist pump installation.
Any thing apart from these will be condemnation of you borehole, please go to our borehole camera investigation to see what may happen if you fail to do as explained above, many may attributes their borehole failure to winch craft but when you check well they refused to use right tool and right materials.
Enagic kangen water machine
WATER ANALYSIS: Water analysis is one aspect of borehole completion that many ignore,  but happens to be the most important aspect of borehole completion that enable us to know the mineral content of the water, whether it meets WHO standard or not as many over look it, they start drinking their water based on it is clean and clear without odour, lacking the knowledge of the basic nutrient and content of the very water they drink.
PH LEVEL OF WATER : This very test of our water is very important as it shows the acidity or alkalinity of the water but most times we ignore these test and go ahead to drink our water and even if we conduct our test we don't really care to improve the water mineral content through water treatment plant so that we get the best out of the water we have for a healthy life style .
ACIDIC WATER : Too much of acidic water in our body system makes our body and blood acidic or what we call acidosis which leads to sicknesses and serious I'll health of our body and that may lead to death.
While the body becomes healthier in alkaline water as no bacteria or cancer can survive in any alkaline environment, but many don't know this basic truth but goes about spending their money to buy bottle water which they are still ignorant of the PH level of that water, please be wise and live a healthier life today by living on alkaline water not only by alkaline water but by IONIZED ALKALINE WATER .
Do you know you can change your health by the water you drink and how much of It that you drink in a day, not only drinking water but what is the quality of water that you drink , please don't be deceived by water is water and germs does not have power in African man's belly, that is typical lies and don't be a fool to follow that, ask yourself this simple question, why am I always on drugs every day or every month  because you lack knowledge and this knowledge is the knowledge of IONIZED ALKALINE WATER machine produced by a Japanese scientists called ENAGIC KANGEN WATER MACHINE . This machine is small but powerful no matter what it may cost it is not to be compared with one of the most expensive bed in the whole world called the HOSPITAL bed, it is the most expansive bed I have seen so far in the world today that humbles men and women no matter how rich you thing you are yes it humbles a man or woman, boy and girl, old and young, small or big, it doesn't matter who you are it is expensive.
Water Treatment Plant
I am not trying to sell market but to let you know that you may not visit any hospital again if  you start living on this water from this very machine not undermining the power of prayer which controls the spiritual aspect of our life which is very important no matter our religion.
FACTS THAT YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT YOUR BODY : Our body is 75℅ water as every parts of our body had been designed by God to have certain percentages of water to make it functional and these are as follows
1. Brain 80℅
2.Kidney 83℅
3. Liver 86 ℅
4. Muscles 80 ℅
This very machine is not ordinary but a life medical machine that can keep sicknesses away from your family, try to have one today for I myself have one , it is not boosting but understanding that you health is more important than that Hummer jeep ,
The choice is yours to make and not me making it for you as God himself will not force us to choose him but allow that freedom of choice for us to make, for he did one thing for us and that thing is the advice he gave to us by saying in Deuteronomy 30 verse 19 Choose life that thou and thy seed may live it is an advice and not a command.
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