Services from ND-Links Electro-Mechanical Engineering Services

These services are what ND-Links renders to private, corporate companies and government that need our services. We are proud that we offer our best services to rescue assumed-failed boreholes with our modern equipment like Borehole Camera.

Borehole Camera

This equipment was born out of necessity when the challenges of fishing dropped pumps and riser pipes in water borehole were by gazing. In the year 2005 – 2008, ND-Links went into research on how to combat problems in borehole at a particular site in Enugu that no man could explain what really happened in that borehole until the camera initiative was finally born. The birth of this borehole camera gave ND-Links Electromechanical Engineering Services an edge over other Borehole service providers in Enugu and other neighbouring states in Nigeria. With the help of this borehole camera, we are able to investigate and obtain correct data of any type of borehole in U PVC or Steel casing such as

  • Abortive
  • Productive
  • Under depth
  • Limited or unlimited water columns
  • Static Water level
  • Drop nature/position of pipe/pump
  • Obstructions on open borehole
  • Broken coupling joints
  • Screen condition of boreholes
  • Reduction pressure gauge of casing pipes in borehole without the client knowledge
  • Dropped objects like marine ropes, uPVC pipes, pumps, cable etc in water boreholes.


Borehole Camera Investigation

ND-Links was the first to produce water borehole camera and video investigation equipment that enable the clients to view the status and problems with his borehole during or after the investigation was done. ND-Link borehole camera has the capability to video and transmit images of up to 300m below ground level and 0-60meter water column.


ND-LINKS was the first that started producing water level indicator in Enugu since 1997 till date we still produce water level indicator.

Camera Water Level Indicator

This is a new indigenous type of video camera water level indicator that views static water level, video and record data for future references.


ND-Links, on 30th day of September, 2012 started the construction and production of DTH Hammer Rig with its hydraulic head stock fully designed and produced by ND-Links. This hammer rig has the capacity of drilling a 50 meters/150mm borehole in basement areas like Enugu, Abakaliki and its environs.

Electrical Services

ND-Links, researched a systematic way of eliminating the use of electrodes in low yield borehole in which the client has to be monitoring the recharge and discharge of their borehole. The introduction of 24hrs and minutes and second timer in the control unit in boreholes in low yield borehole in Enugu, therefore, helps the client to properly manage his water borehole as long as there is power supply.

ND-Links also constructs and repairs DOL, Start-Delta and Auto Transformer Control Starters for submersible pumps. (SUMO) based on the requirement of the client.

Pumping Test

ND-Links carries out pumping test on boreholes to determine the discharge and recovery rate of the borehole by over pumping and monitoring the borehole with our water level indicator, sluice valve and water flow meter for 24 – 72 hours depending on the requirement of the project. Most times type aspect of pumping test is only apply on government projects.

Ever since no one wants to spend his money renting generator and fueling the generator for 24 – 72 hours, ND-Links now develop a systematic approach to this pumping test in other to cut cost. We have to investigate the borehole with Borehole camera, obtain the static water level, the water column from the static water level to the total cased depth of the borehole. Then with the help of special software, and installation of pump below the static water level (swl) of 30m in view for dynamic water level, these key information are keyed in to obtain the capacity of pump to be use in a borehole based on the diameter of the well the height of the elevated tank , static water level, water column, depth of cased borehole, elevated must be calculated to obtain the dischargeof the pump at a particular depth of insallation of the pump using pump performance curve of the software.

Borehole Camera Intervention

The most important value of ND-Links is the borehole camera intervention to offer solution to all borehole related problems, it doesn’t matter how that problem may be. There must be a solution from ND-Links to combat it. We offer Supervision, Consultancy Services to companies or individuals who know core value as Borehole solution providers.